Unik nya : Wall-E Computer Case Mod

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sumber : http://damncoolpics.blogspot.com/2009/04/wall-e-computer-case-mod.html

This case is insane. Like crazy russian insane. Why in the world would someone take all that time and material to build a solid metal Wall-E computer case? The whole case is made out of solid metal and must weigh a ton and a half. I bet you could sell this case at a scrap yard and make enough cash to buy a new car.

This project took 18 days from this Russian guy to accomplish. It all has began after he has watched that cartoon. An idea sparked through his head €__I want to build such thing to hold my computer stuff in it€_. A solid-metal Wall-E computer case, each detail carefully cut from the metal sheets processed and put in place. Swiss precision homemade heavy metal WallE geeky step-by-step history is waiting us below:

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