Nothing’s Cardboard Office.

Berita Kocak Unik dan Menggelitik

sumber :

We have seen the ‘Cardboard Office’ and ‘Interesting Cardboard Furniture’ in the past, but what we have here is nothing less than astounding. This is the office of Amsterdam based Creative Agency Nothing, an unusual construction that is almost entirely built out of cardboard. The Nothing team took the idea behind the company name (taking nothing and turning it into something) as the starting point for the physical design of the office. Alrik Koudenburg came up with this interesting concept, and the credit of designing goes to Joost van Bleiswijk. And the illustrator Fiodor Sumkin gets the credit for the predominantly brown color scheme in the Nothing’s office. Photos are by J Baan and the rest can be seen at his flickr page.

Nothing's Cardboard Office (11) 1Image source: creativereview, cyanatrendland.
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