Goldfish who swims upside down

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goldfish who swims upside down

These days pet fish come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Indeed, the ordinary goldfish has come to seem just that.

But Aussie, who shares a tank on pub bar, is rarely viewed with indifference. In fact, she is rather a star attraction.

She has spent the last four years of her life upside down and – as far as anyone can tell – is perfectly comfortable with this.

‘We’ve had her checked out and she’s in good health – I suppose she just likes to see the world from that point of view,’ said her owner landlord Liam Matthews, 53.

goldfish who swims upside down

Something fishy: Aussie swims in her tank

He bought the goldfish from a pet shop in 2004 and says she has since become something of a tourist attraction. Mr Matthews said: ‘When I bought Aussie she was swimming normally but six months later she was swimming about upside down. She seems happy enough.’

Aussie shares a tank on the bar at the Globe Inn, near Exeter, with another fish Eddie – who swims normally.
goldfish who swims upside down

Different strokes: Aussie and her right-way-up companion Eddie at the Globe Inn

‘It’s quite funny to see Eddie swimming the right way while Aussie is going round the tank upside down,’ said Mr Matthews.

He admitted there is another mystery about his inverted pet – whether she is really a she.

He said: ‘We’re still not sure of its a male or a female but we call her ‘she’ because she just looks like a woman.’

Mr Matthews revealed he recently had a visit from an RSPCA inspector after an anonymous caller complained about the fish’s health.

But he said: ‘The inspector told us the fish didn’t seem stressed at all. It’s crazy that we had a complaint about our fish – she seems to be having a great time.’
goldfish who swims upside down

‘She’s a legend’: Liam Matthews looks fondly at Aussie his upside-down fish

Fish experts say the condition is caused by a deficiency in the fish’s swim bladder – a gas-filled sac in the dorsal portion of the body which stimulates buoyancy.

Swim bladder problems are caused by an infection or are hereditary – meaning Aussie may have been given the condition by her parents.

Jeremy Smale, local tropical fish expert, said: ”Swimming upside down can indicate a problem with the swim bladder but it doesn’t mean the animal is any distress.

‘It is probably very healthy. I wouldn’t expect it to be in any pain at all.’

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