Best Instagram Bot & Liker (2018 Edition) – How to use automation tools for growth

Prolific companies were closed down, and new heroes emerged. I have kept this page up to date all year and now I have finally updated it and put together this 2018 version.

I now recommend managed growth companies over bots. Social Steeze is a growth management company that helps you increase your exposure by growing your followers and boosting engagement.


I’ve made a table which shows my full list of the safest Instagram bots, tools and growth services to automate your accounts.

I have also written about each one in-depth later in this article.


Social SteezeCheck Price
InstaboostsCheck Price
RiseSocialCheck Price
Follow AdderCheck Price
JarveeCheck Price
InstatoCheck Price
InstaQCheck Price
InstazoodNot Advised

Getting more Instagram followers ain’t easy…

The struggle for followers is real.

Like most people using Instagram as part of their social media marketing strategy, you may be struggling because you think you only have one or two options for gaining followers. It’s common for people to assume that they must figure out a marketing plan and make that strategy work, or pay for followers to boost their following.

However, Instagram automation is the third choice that some people don’t know exists, or only have a vague idea of. This third option is really taking off amongst online marketers, and even regular users to get more followers on Instagram.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could auto like, auto follow and auto comment? Well, this type of software allows you to gain followers on autopilot!




What is an Instagram bot?

There are a lot of things an Instagram bot can do. They can pretty much do any repetitive task for you. Regular tasks for one of these apps might include:

  • Liking photos
  • Making comments
  • Following (and unfollowing) people

Each of these actions are performed through automation based on hashtags, specific users, and on other kinds of criteria according to your settings on both the app and your Instagram account.

Engagement is the key to gaining followers on Instagram. If you don’t engage, you can’t win using this channel. The benefits of using automation to increase followers is you can prevent the issue of fake followers, which is what happens in most instances of buying them. You want real people to follow you, therefore, your automation needs to react like a real person (you), on your behalf.


What is the best Instagram bot?

I’ll start with my review of the top pick and work my way backwards.

1. Social Steeze

SocialSteeze Organic GrowthSocialSteeze is an organically managed growth service that I have had really good results with so far since trialling them.

The best thing about this service is it’s not a bot that you have to configure and run yourself – it’s all organic growth done by experts. You literally don’t have to do anything other than sign up and give a few details.

I put one of my clients on their premium service 10 days ago, and they have had over 1200 new followers already!!

My client has literally done nothing other than upload photos every day. NOTE: this is my experience – this client’s account was solid when we started this experiment.


Social Steeze is a top-rated, highly respected and powerful Instagram growth service that doesn’t include a download or complicated dashboards to configure. You are provided with your own personal growth expert that will manage your activities for you.

Some of the most powerful and effective social media technology is behind their success, which is passed onto you, providing you with high levels of engagement.

You never have to deal with tedious dashboards. All you do is this:

  • 1. Fill out a short form and soon your personal growth expert will contact you
  • 2. Choose your geographic, username, hashtags, or other targets for followers
  • 3. Sit back and let your growth expert go to work for you and watch your Instagram grow

Two things that are optional include choosing to blacklist users you don’t want to engage with and requesting detailed reports from your manager.



2. LikeSocial

I’ve seen the LikeSocial service touted quite a lot around internet marketing blogs over the last few months. They provide likes on each new post you make. I thought it was pretty gimmicky to start with, but I decided to check it out anyway.

In the end, I thought it was awesome – so much so I wrote an article about automatic Instagram likes. The reason I like this service is because you can use it in conjunction with a regular bot or growth service – and it’s really good at getting your account’s posts put on the Instagram “explore” section.

In turn, this will help your uploads be seen by thousands and increase your exposure.



3. RiseSocial

RiseSocial Instagram Automation ServiceRiseSocial is another premier Instagram growth service that delivers true Instagram growth with real engagement. These guys strive to maintain powerful growth for your account.

It’s fairly similar to Social Steeze, with the main difference I noticed is simply the price. They use cutting-edge software to ensure success in garnering a real and successful following for your Instagram network. The engagement they promise and deliver is organic and genuine.

Getting started is simple.

  • 1. Sign up on their ‘get started’ page
  • 2. Get your own expert, personal growth manager
  • 3. Target your audience – hashtags, usernames, gender, location…
  • 4.Get detailed weekly reporting to see your growth and engagement

Their use of state-of-the-art technology and sticking to the constraints of Instagram is what makes them safe and secure to use.



5. Jarvee

Jarvee - Social Media AccountsI absolutely LOVE Jarvee. You can automate all your social media accounts with this tool. I don’t think it’s as strong as the options above for automating your Instagram account, though.

I’m not going to write a full description on this page, because I have already written a standalone Jarvee review.





6. Instato

Instato web botIf you’re going to insist on using a web-based bot then this is the one to use.

Instato provides excellent customer service, and safety is also ensured via a dedicated proxy.


6. InstaQ

InstaQ Review - Best Instagram LikerInstaQ is a tool that automates your Instagram actions.

Anomaly detection offsetting” sets InstaQ apart from its competition. Instagram, and all social media sites use special programming designed to detect bots, or social media automation tools.

Anomaly detection, the programming used to ‘catch’ people on social media, compares what’s normal usage against average accounts with new accounts. InstaQ emulates real-user behaviour, reducing the risk of getting flagged or banned by Instagram.

Being a member of InstaQ also provides you with access to their private forums that include several tutorials, exclusive tools and marketing materials.

InstaQ runs on mac windows and linux
InstaQ works on Mac, Windows, and Linux



  • Like and comment on posts
  • Follow and unfollow users
  • Auto Commenting
  • Auto Direct Messages
  • Supports multiple accounts (can be run simultaneously)
  • An intelligent autopilot software system
  • Scraping posts by hashtag or by username
  • Scraping users by hashtag
  • Scraping users’ followers or followings
  • Re-post ability
  • Automatically add URLs to your captions on posts and re-posts
  • Automatically strip URL(s) from scraped posts
  • Has an “autopilot” that runs in safe mode
  • Has a manual mode that can run in safe or forceful mode
  • Importing images from your personal computer
  • Keyword generator tool (scrapes Google or hashtags)
  • Scraping Tumblr, RSS, or any HTML website for relevant images and uploading to your page
  • Hashtag generator to snag new niches for expanding your reach
  • Special spintax for messages and comment
  • Easy to use interface
  • Proxy supported
  • More features planned (click here)


InstaQ Liker screenshot
This is what the InstaQ free trial looks like



On a monthly plan, InstaQ isn’t the cheapest bot on this list by a long way, but if you get the lifetime license then it becomes very good value. It does also provide a large amount of features for the money. If you’re looking for a high-end tool then this is your best bet.

Pros & Cons

 Free trial – limited version
Auto like feature
Auto follow & unfollow feature
Auto direct message feature
Manage multiple accounts
Unlikely to get shut down
Advanced features
Runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac
 Software download is required
Monthly plan is expensive (get the lifetime plan!)


What don’t I like about InstaQ? Well, it’s much more expensive than the other bots on the monthly plan.

And that’s it really. It does have a lot of features to justify the price – just make sure you get the lifetime license to make it cost effective.





Instaboosts is another new tool that automates your Instagram actions.

Instaboosts can be praised for its simplicity.

You can automatically like, follow, unfollow, comment or message users based on hashtags in your niche.

The tool and tutorials are available in multiple languages which is nice if you are a non-native English speaker. Online customer support is also available, making it easy to ask questions.

The idea is that if you improve the speed of your automation, you improve your results. Because the tool is very simple, once you understand the basics, you can customise the bot to suit your needs quite easily.

Instazood may not have the strong features of Follow Adder, but it is still an ok pick due to its price and ease of setup. The service offers several different packages to choose from: Basic, Comment Tracker and Direct Message. You can choose the one you need or add all three depending on your needs. Each one offers a 3-day free trial, so you can easily see which service level will best meet your automation needs. You can change this level at any time, making perfect for those still trying to identify their ideal formula.



  • Likes and comments on posts
  • Follows and unfollows users
  • Hashtag targeting
  • Location targeting
  • Web based


It’s easy to setup. Here’s the dashboard.



Whilst not as cheap as Follow Adder, Instazood is definitely on the lower end of pricing.


Pros & Cons

Safety is a big concern when dealing with an Instagram bot. No one wants to risk losing their account because they trusted the wrong service.Instazood gives you a web-based application to access your account which I don’t like because it raises flags (which I mentioned earlier in the article). I would always recommend using a bot you download rather than a web based one – but if you insist… then use this one.


Instagram Bots that have been shut down

A variety of bots have been shut down by Instagram recently, namely Instagress, Archie, MassPlanner, InfluxSocial, Fan Harvest, and a few others.

Quite irrelevant now, but here’s some of my previous reviews for those mentioned above in case you are interested.

1. Mass Planner

IMPORTANT: as of 12th May 2017, Mass Planner has shut down. So now I recommend Follow Adder for Instagram and PinBot for Pinterest. You can also read my recommendation for a Twitter bot.

Social media is crucial to the success of most businesses today, and setting up your social media marketing campaigns is a time-consuming task that can be automated and made more efficient with Mass Planner.

Mass Planner - Instagram Scheduling & Automation


What is Mass Planner?

Mass Planner is designed to handle all the mundane and tedious social media tasks across the major platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Instagram can be one of the most time-consuming of these social networks, therefore, if you’re using Instagram, it’s important to have such a tool to perform tasks according to your specifications – and Mass Planner absolutely nails it.


What does Mass Planner Do?

Since you can use this software across social media accounts, here is a quick overview of the basic tasks it can help you efficiently manage.

  • Facebook – Schedules content, finds and joins groups, auto-posts to groups, posts clickable images, and more.
  • LinkedIn – Schedules posts, finds and joins groups.
  • Pinterest – Auto-pins, likes, comments, follows, unfollows, and other tasks.
  • Google + – Schedules content, auto-follows or unfollows, and finds and joins relevant communities.
  • Twitter – Favourites and schedules tweets, retweets, uploads bulk images, follows or unfollows people.
  • Instagram – Auto Likes, comments, follows and unfollows.


How Mass Planner Works for Instagram

Going beyond the basics of Instagram social media management tasks, Mass Planner automates several tasks on the platform, saving you time, effort, and essentially money.

  • Auto Follow – This software searches Instagram users that match your niche, then auto-follows them to help grow your account, resulting in new leads for you.
  • Unfollow – Since it’s important to keep your follow list manageable, this program unfollows users that don’t follow you back within a specified time frame.
  • Follow-Back – When users follow you, Mass Planner automatically follows them back so you can easily interact with them.
  • Auto Like – Getting exposure on Instagram requires that you like high-quality images, which is one of the task this application can do automatically.
  • Auto Comment – Mass Planner searches for interesting and relevant images (matching your niche) and leaves comments.
  • Delete Posts – What if you decide to switch niches? In that case, this software can be set to easily delete your posts on Instagram and start over with a new niche.
  • Delete Comments – Any comments you consider inappropriate or offensive can be easily deleted by setting up the tool in Mass Planner.
  • Block Followers – Obviously, there are followers out there you don’t want on your list. Set your filters accordingly and Mass Planner will handle that for you.
  • Proxy Support – If you manage multiple Instagram accounts, Mass Planner can run each one on its own proxy to avoid leaving an IP footprint behind.
  • Auto-Phone Verification – This tool allows the program to automatically verify your phone for Instagram accounts.

Mass Planner is easy to setup and use and it works on all these accounts without a proxy. However, you can easily setup proxy settings to manage multiple accounts. Some users have experienced up to a 300 percent or more increase in their followers for Instagram and other social media accounts in just a few weeks.


Benefits of Mass Planner

  • Builds engagement
  • Builds followers fast
  • Reliable
  • Manages multiple social media accounts
  • Add-ons with extra features
  • It’s a 10-bot-in-one program
  • 5 day free trial

As with any program that helps manage Instagram and social media networks, there are also downsides. In the case of Mass Planner, there is a monthly fee to use it and you need to be diligent about usage to avoid getting your accounts flagged or banned.

Like Follow Adder, you need to download software for this bot. But unfortunately, this one doesn’t work on Mac or Linux – only Windows.

And, if you’re after a simple solution, this probably isn’t what you’re looking for, because it covers so many different aspects of social media automation.

It takes only about five minutes to setup Mass Planner, one minute to add a new account, and it can save you something crazy like three hours a day that you can use to operate your business without interruptions or distractions. Once you have it set up, it runs on startup of your computer (or on a virtual server) and your social media marketing gets done without lifting a finger.

Whether you have one account on Instagram or other social networks, or multiple accounts, Mass Planner is a good option with efficient and effective tools.



IMPORTANT: as of 9th June 2017, Archie has been shutdown. This is what their website had to say:

Archie is being discontinued due to a request from Instagram and is no longer accepting new clients.

If you’re looking for a replacement, I recommend using Follow Adder as the top Archie alternative.

Archie Instagram Liker ReviewThe first thing you see when you reach the site is “Hi, I’m Archie.” Archie is a tool that helps you grow your social media exposure on Instagram. Archie is used by companies like Uber and Shopify in case you are concerned about the legitimacy of using this type of software.

The Instagram liker is a very safe way to start your automation endeavors because it has a relatively low rate of interactions per hour, so the likelihood of being picked up as a spammer by Instagram is low. Archie offers a free trial (but it is a limited version) so you can try it before you buy it.

Hi Im Archie - Top Insta bot


Archie Instagram Tools

  • Defines your customers via your demographics
  • Archie scans for Instagram users who might need your product
  • Archie interacts with new clients to boost attention to your profile
  • Main method of automation is through it’s auto liker


Who uses Archie?

Archie can be used by professionals to show off their talents, businesses to boost their brand, and for personal purposes to get noticed and gain followers on Instagram.

Whether you’re a person who wants to see more about celebrities, influencers, pets, funny things, or things that interest you, Archie can help extend your personal reach.

If you’re a musician, photographer, blogger, artist, model, writer, designer, or fitness guru, you have a way to boost your professional presence and build a brand based on your talents.

Business owners should always be on the lookout to boost their brand. Local restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, retailers, real estate agencies, non-profits, and other types of local, national, and international businesses need this kind of exposure.

Archie is safe. Whilst you’re very unlikely to get banned or notice any negative effects, safety comes at a price as well. The lack of features and options makes this software a very underwhelming piece of Instagram automation.



Pros & Cons

 Auto liker feature
Relatively safe
Unlikely to get marked as SPAM
 No auto comment feature
No auto followers feature
More expensive than other bots
Not powerful enough for big results
Limited analytics reporting



Do Instagram Bots work?

In short – yes. If you are smart and don’t use them in a spammy way, you will be seriously missing out if you don’t make use of one of these tools.

For example, just by taking advantage of the money back guarantee period available with Follow Adder you can easily gain 500+ new followers (depending on your profile and setting used). These people are real and targeted – which ultimately gives you more engagement & exposure.


The Pros & Cons of using an Instagram Bot

At this point, instagram bots might sound too good to be true. However, with anything, there comes both pro’s and con’s. So I’ll go over them.

Let’s get the cons out of the way first!


The cons of using an Instagram Bot

Like every automation tool, IG bots come with a few downsides.

  • Bot/automation use is against the terms of use on Instagram. However, depending on how well you use the automation tool, you may never get caught.
  • Using a bot badly will make you look like a spammer. Ever see those dull, generic comments on photos? Yep, those people are configuring their bots badly. Don’t be one of them.
  • You will still have to engage as a real person sometimes, because you can’t automate all human interaction (not yet anyway!).


The pros of using an Instagram Bot

  • You can adjust your automation tools to prevent most of the issues related to posting to certain images and types of accounts. It takes some time to learn how, but it’s worth it.
  • Using these bots as instructed can prevent problems like account suspension. Do your homework.
  • You can use the analytics provided to improve your engagement, boost your brand, and build your following.

The truth is that new automation tools are constantly growing and evolving to resolve the issues that concern you the most. A free trial of one of the top Instagram bots mentioned here will help you make an informed decision about whether this option is right for you or your business. Overall, you will gain more followers and you will learn more about how to boost your use of Instagram for marketing purposes.

Now that you understand the benefits (and drawbacks) of using a bot to automate your Instagram account when you can’t be there, it’s time to look at the top tools and compare them side-by-side.


Is using an Instagram Bot the same as buying followers?


Buying followers is useless because it will push your number of followers up but you will get zero engagement from them because they are fake accounts. The followers gained from botting on Instagram is different because they are real people.


The ethics of Instagram automation

This is definitely something you will need to consider when you use any app or bot that is designed to get you more followers.

Where does “good marketing strategy” end and unethical practice begin? We could debate this all day, and there are many articles that will try to push you in either direction.

I like to make my own mind up about things like this, so I’ll say that it’s for you to decide. If you’re not sure, then I recommend taking advantage of the money back guarantee period with Follow Adder or another free trial – by the end of that you should have a clear idea of exactly what Instagram automation and using a bot entails.

I almost didn’t write this article because I know some people out there despise bots, as they are against Instagram’s Terms of Use. However, the fact is that Instagram botting is rampant, and they aren’t going away anytime soon – and if you are serious about Instagram marketing and want to get one up on your competitors, then it’s something you will at least want to think about.


Instagram Bots with free trials

I haven’t found a free Instagram bot that works well without getting you banned, but many of the good Instagram bots offer a free trial in some form or another.

Most of them have limited functionality and/or very few days available. Follow Adder offers a 7 day money back guarantee, so if you don’t like the software for some reason they will give you a refund.


Final Thoughts

Instagram is currently ranked number 18th (Feb 2017) most trafficked website in the world by Alexa. About 600 million people use Instagram for personal and/or business purposes. That number comes from Statista – where it is reported that between June and December 2016, this social channel’s numbers were up by 100 million. Update October 2017: Instagram now has over 800 million users.

That is some growth.

And it looks like it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.

If you find getting likes, comments, and engagement on Instagram challenging or cumbersome, automation via an Instagram bot might be a good option for your business. Imagine having automated access and potential engagement with 800 million people across the globe.

I really recommend you try Follow Adder if you are still unsure. I really believe it to be the safest software that’s left.

By signing up, you get a 7 day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose. You will probably gain a minimum of several hundred new followers in that time, and then you can make a decision as to whether you want to continue working with the software or not.

Botting remains the fastest way to get Instagram Famous. Fact.





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