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There’s nothing like relaxing in your own home and enjoying a good movie with friends and family in the comfort of your own home theater system.

Batcave Theater:

Batcave Theater (2) 1
Batcave Theater (2) 2This Batcave themed home theater is custom done by Canadian-based firm Elite Home Theater Seating for a client. This theater reportedly costs $500,000 for the layout and seating alone; the equipment cost is additional.

A $6 Million Home Theater:

A $6 Million Home Theater - Kipnis Studio Standard (7) 1A $6 Million Home Theater - Kipnis Studio Standard (7) 2 If money isn’t a factor to be considered then this is something worth owning: a $6 million home theater – Kipnis Studio Standard for an ultimate home theater experience. And if you want to know how it feels, then you might just want to talk to Jeremy Kipnis who surely knows his entertainment & has spared no expense in creating this one of the most expensive home theater systems.

Opera House:

Opera House (2) 1Opera House (2) 2It’s a custom built underground (basement) home theater and it comes complete with concession stand, marquee, and box office. Three DVD players, a JVC QX-1 projector, and 25hz woofer drivers in Dunlavy SC-ivs are the equipment used.

Vault Home Theater:

Vault Home TheaterVault” home theater is created by Connected Technologies, it includes a huge bank vault door, cherry wood accents, mural, and comfortable seating.

Indianajones Themed Home Theatre:

Indianajones Themed Home Theatre (2) 1Indianajones Themed Home Theatre (2) 2Home theater expert Doug Charrois designed this for Larry and Colleen Halliday. Enter the 18-by-12-foot home theater and you’ll see the idol from the opening of the original movie, apart from many more articles that include jacket, hat and more.

Irish Flavor:

Irish Flavor (2) 1Irish Flavor (2) 2Marc and his wife Jody built their home from the ground up, and had designed the basement to be amenable to an entertainment complex from the get-go. And when Marc was researching for their theater design in early 2006, he came across many fellow DIYers who gave their theaters a theme and it was at that time he came up with ‘Irish Flavor’.

Stargate-Themed Home Theater:

Stargate-Themed Home TheaterDesigner P Chaney teamed up with A Caldwell to create a Stargate-themed home theater. ‘The room is decked out with stars, ambient lighting, Atlantic Technology in-wall speakers, a Control 4 system and an elusive Blu-ray player.’

Enterprise NCC1701D Theatre:

Home Theater (4) 1Home Theater (4) 2This home theater is modeled after ‘The Next Generation’ Enterprise, and the results are impressive. It was named the best theme theater installation at Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association 2007. The home theater installation in Palm Beach County, Florida has projection screen which is nearly 135 inches wide diagonally, apart from this it has eight servers with 3,816 DVDs.

The Bridge:

The Bridge (3) 1The Bridge (3) 2The Bridge (3) 3Gary Reighn had always yearned for that “big screen” experience in his home and he decided to make one for himself. He came up with this ‘The Bridge’ with a modest budget of $16,000 and two years of effort from start to finish of this home theater.

Evergreen Ultimate Theater:

Evergreen Ultimate TheaterIt’s said to be ‘one of the most distinctive, technically and structurally advanced private theaters in the United States’. The highly detailed Star Trek-themed architecture includes motorized sliding doors, intelligent concert-type lighting and related DMX512 controls, and commercial-level HVAC.

Italian-Themed Home Theater:

Italian-Themed Home Theater (2) 1Italian-Themed Home Theater (2) 2Tony and Penny Caciolo planned out their home theater setup into their Coopersburg, PA, home; they wanted it to be their favorite place: Italy. In the basement there’s also a Bourbon Street Room that has a 170-inch screen. Apart from this there is also a 110-inch drop-down screen and a 1080p projector in his bedroom and the 20-foot screen on the side of the house for pool viewing.

Nautilus Theater:

Nautilus Theater (2) 1Nautilus Theater (2) 2This is a home interior and not a ship! ‘The homeowner wanted to be swept to another place, with a theater resembling the interior of a ship.’

Bentley Home Theater:

Bentley Home Theater (2) 1Bentley Home Theater (2) 2‘The concept of the interior was inspired by his car, which is plush and luxurious. The homeowner wanted a one-of-a-kind theater that was modern and contemporary.’

Texas Themed Theater:

Texas Themed Theater (2) 1
Texas Themed Theater (2) 2Terry Williams spent about $25,000, with equipment accounting for about $12,000.

Titanic Themed Home Theater:

Titanic Themed Home Theater (2) 1Titanic Themed Home Theater (2) 2The elaborate dome of this 20-by-14-foot room was modeled after the ship from the movie “Titanic” for a Tennessee couple for their high-end home theater. The dome contains 1,230 fiber-optic light strands to give the effect of the night sky. Interior designer Donny Hackett of Casa Cinema Design designed this project.

Deathstar Home Theater:

Deathstar Home Theater (2) 1Deathstar Home Theater (2) 2Doug Chiang (lead designer on Episode I and Episode II) designed the Deathstar home theater for Vic Wertz and Lisa Stevens. Its features include three levels of seats, a stage for the screen, and a fiber-optic starfield.


Nautilus (2) 1Nautilus (2) 2At first glance, this may look like a set from the film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but the fact is it’s actually a masterfully built home theater created for R Moran and his wife Brenda. The Dallas based dentist and his wife weren’t contented merely collecting small-scale replicas of the Nautilus. And finally they got what they wanted; this home theater is nearly 900 square feet and is shaped like a football with narrow ends and a wide center, and its Dillon Works Inc. who designed and assembled the decorative theater elements.

The Matrix:

The Matrix (2) 1The Matrix (2) 2A client approached Genesisaudio and requested a home theater based on the movie The Matrix. To get the concept, they studied the movie’s settings and visual themes. And a color scheme primarily made up of greens and blacks to complement the technology that was installed.

Cyberdyne Theater:

Cyberdyne Theater (2) 1Cyberdyne Theater (2) 2Here we have another movie themed theatre; ‘Darren Mortenson put it all together himself. The picture shows a television, but there’s also a projector so he can watch movies at a cool 159?.’

Ship Themed Theater:

Ship Themed Theater (2) 1Ship Themed Theater (2) 2(Image: Credit).
When Konolds’ came up with this idea, it wasn’t to pay any tribute to the Caribbean movie; when they were building their themed home theatre, they were simply trying to recreate the experience of the original ride at Disneyland. ‘The design incorporates a few things from the movie trilogy, but most of his ideas actually came from the experience of the ride.’ The theatre features a 16:9 screen with a custom masking system to make the setup 2.35:1 (the format of all Disney movies).

Sci-Fi-Themed Theater:

Sci-Fi-Themed Theater‘This tribute to Sci-Fi may not be the biggest home theater, but the animatronics will have you jumping out of your seat – literally.’ The theatre, including all collectibles and equipment, cost less than $100,000.

Star Trek Home Theater:

Star Trek Home Theater (2) 1Star Trek Home Theater (2) 2Gary Sekulow collected backlit graphic panels from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Voyager, the captain’s chair from Star Trek: Enterprise and numerous props from other Star Trek series and movies, and commissioned an Atlanta home theater installer to put the whole thing together.’

Sturgeon’s Home Theater:

Sturgeon's Home Theater (2) 1Sturgeon's Home Theater (2) 2More information and photos here.

Jedi Theater:

Jedi TheaterThe Jedi Theater, a “Starwars” themed theater, 11 ft wide screen and 7.1 Surround Sound!

Nighttime Themed Home Theatre:

Nighttime Themed Home Theatre (2) 1Nighttime Themed Home Theatre (2) 2‘What really makes this theater stand out from our other designs is the custom-made starlight ceiling the deep colors that simulate a nighttime setting, and the complete absence of visible electronics.’

12-Foot Inflatable Home Theater:

12-Foot Inflatable Home TheaterThe inflatable home theater screen is made of PVC frame; it includes two 120-watt amplified speakers to provide the surround sound experience. The 12-foot model is priced at $1299.99 and the 8-foot model sells for $899.99.

Victorian Makeover:

Victorian Makeover (2) 1Victorian Makeover (2) 2More information and photos here.

Chancellor Palpatine’s Office:

Chancellor Palpatines Office (2) 1Chancellor Palpatines Office (2) 2Steve Simon wanted to convert part of his garage into a home theater, and went to the dark side and had it modeled after Chancellor Palpatine’s office. ‘Simon hired his friend, Jorge Ocampo of Miami-based DreamSpace to be the electronics installer, and DreamSpace does a lot of work with CDGi (Cinema Design Group International), which makes acoustical panels and furnishings for home theaters.’

Home Theater, Kiev, Ukraine:

Home Theater Kiev UkraineIn this classic theater, ten people can watch its massive 60-by-111-inch projection screen.

Steve’s Home Theatre:

Steve's Home Theatre (2) 1Steve's Home Theatre (2) 2More information and photos here.

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