20 More Umbrellas And Their Stands.

Berita Kocak Unik dan Menggelitik

Here are 20 more interesting umbrellas and their stands, which we are sure you are going to like! Don’t miss the part one – Link.

Nubrella Umbrella:

Nubrella UmbrellaWith this one you can be sure of one thing: ‘it can not and will not invert in any wind’.

Typography Umbrella:

Typography UmbrellaSet in blue type on eight panels of black fabric, with a wooden holder and automated release.

The Internet Umbrella:

Internet UmbrellaPileus an umbrella which is connected to the Internet and makes walking in rainy days interesting. It has a large screen on the top surface, a built-in camera, GPS, and a digital compass. And apart from this it provides two main functions; a social photo-sharing and a 3D map navigation. ‘The photo function is connected to a major web service “Flickr”. One can take photos with a camera on the umbrella, and pictures are uploaded to Flickr in two minutes with context tags via a wireless Internet connection. One can also enjoy themselves watching photo-streams downloaded from Flickr … ‘

SENZ Umbrella:

SENZ UmbrellaThe aerodynamic SENZ umbrella with its smart design asserts it will not invert.

Wi-Fi Umbrella:

Wi-Fi UmbrellaThe handle of this umbrella changes color based on weather forecast. The umbrella receives information from Internet using a Wi-Fi network.

Sky Umbrella:

Sky UmbrellaSky Umbrella, designed by Tibor Kalman looks quite interesting.

Electric Umbrella:

Electric UmbrellaThe Electric Umbrella glows with many pinpoints of light and with it’s adjustable dimmer make it convenient portable source of light to carry along.

Tandem Umbrella:

Tandem UmbrellaAn umbrella built for two.

Plumo Pearlised Umbrella:

Plumo Pearlised UmbrellaAn interestingly shaped umbrella in a slightly shimmering, light taupe color with shiny black handle and long tassel.

Polite Umbrella:

Polite UmbrellaPolite Umbrella is a shrinkable umbrella that enables ones to change its shape in order to reduce occupied space. One can easily adjust their umbrellas anytime by pulling a handle.

The Brelli Umbrella:

The Brelli UmbrellaAn environmental friendly product.

Umbuster Umbrella:

Umbuster UmbrellaThe Umbuster umbrella is by designer Sruli Rech and requires no introduction!

Environmentally Friendly Umbrella ‘Eco-Brolly’:

Environmentally Friendly Umbrella: Eco-Brolly (4) 1
Environmentally Friendly Umbrella: Eco-Brolly (4) 2
Environmentally Friendly Umbrella: Eco-Brolly (4) 3
Environmentally Friendly Umbrella: Eco-Brolly (4) 4(Image credit: yankodesign.)
Environmentally Friendly Umbrella ‘Eco-Brolly’ designed by Shiu Yuk Yuen as a part of her degree with an intention to encourage the society to take part in recycling. It has a pocket size, lightweight frame designed to utilize anything that is lying around, it can reuse and adapt objects such as newspapers, cards and plastic bags and turn them into an umbrella. Though suitable for short distance travel, it can also be used for longer distance journeys by stabilizing at the ends. It can be quite handy as its compact if one has to deal with unpredictable weather.

Clear Bubble Umbrella:

Clear Bubble UmbrellaCap Umbrella:

Cap UmbrellaLight umbrella:

Light umbrellaMonopoly Mini Folding Umbrella:

Monopoly Mini Folding UmbrellaUmbrella Pot:

Umbrella PotThe umbrella pot has a small plant pot at the bottom, and rainwater from your umbrella flows into the plant pot and waters the plant.

Owl Umbrella Stand:

Owl Umbrella StandAki Umbrella Stand:

Aki Umbrella StandAnd here is bonus ‘Umbrella Today’:

Umbrella TodayA cool site which tells you if you are going to need an umbrella today or not, all you need to do is to type in your zip code!

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